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Solvency – A Plague On Directors’ Minds
Solvency issues are top of mind for many Kiwi businesses in the face of the prolonged disruption caused by COVID-19, together with rising interest rates, inflation and supply chain issues.
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COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates continue to fall away
Fonterra has discarded its strict vaccine policy and is instead allowing unvaccinated staff to take daily rapid antigen tests.
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Vaccine mandate order overturned for Police and Defence Force
As it turns out, vaccine mandates may not be enforced as easily as originally anticipated. A recent COVID-19 High Court case has determined the vaccine mandate for police and defence force staff to be ‘unlawful’. The order requiring New Zealand police and defence force to be vaccinated has now been quashed.
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Covid-19 dominant in employment law work - Capital Letter article
The Covid-19 pandemic continues to dominate work in Wellington-based Ford Sumner Lawyers’ employment law practice, with founding partner Jaesen Sumner expecting this will last well into 2022. 
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Buying a Business in Covid-19? Due diligence issues to consider
Like many other big decisions, before buying a business you need to ask the right questions.  This is known as due diligence (“DD”) and should involve assessment of the financial, operational and legal affairs of your target business.  Done well, DD will help you to more fully understand your target’s business, identify and assess financial, legal and operational risks and opportunities, and inform whether and at what price, you want to proceed with the acquisition.
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Covid-19 Commercial Rent Relief Update

Earlier this month, we wrote about the COVID-19 Response (Management Measures) Legislation Bill (“Bill”). If passed, the Bill will have the effect of inserting an implied clause into many commercial leases providing for a rent reduction where, because of an epidemic, the tenant cannot gain access to the premises to fully conduct its business.


The Bill has since been through a public consultation process and the Finance and Expenditure Committee (“Committee”) has now published a report which summarises the various submissions on the Bill that the Committee received.

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COVID-19 vaccinations in the workplace: Obligations for employers (Part 3)
Hot on the heels of our previous articles, the third instalment of our ‘Vaccinations in the Workplace’ series looks at new Worksafe guidelines for deciding whether certain work should be performed by a vaccinated worker.
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Dismissal for failing to vaccinate against Covid-19 - Employment Relations Authority has first word
On 1 September 2021 the Employment Relations Authority (“Authority”) issued a decision in GF v New Zealand Customs Service [2021] NZERA 382 where it grappled with the vexed issue of an employee (“GF”) being dismissed from their employment for failing to vaccinate against Covid-19.
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COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace: Obligations for Employers (Part 2)
Following on from our last article, in this article we are covering off more questions regarding the debate around COVID-19 vaccinations in the employment context, and what employers should be vigilant of.
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COVID-19 Vaccinations in the Workplace: Obligations for Employers (Part 1)

New Zealand’s vaccination rollout has gathered pace with approximately 782,000 Kiwi’s now fully vaccinated.  As vaccination rates increase with the availability of the Pfizer vaccine (Vaccine) and the anticipated easing of some border restrictions, a number of questions from employers and employees will arise about their obligations and rights when it comes to workplace vaccination requirements.  

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